Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry

Heavy Oil

Industry Challenges

Current chemistries for heavy oil are often ineffective or costly at reducing viscosity, density and improving oil quality. Operational challenges remain due to the high asphaltene content and high viscosity of bitumen.


*Lower viscosity
*Reduce diluent
*Reduce SOR
*Better phase separation
*Improve API gravity


*Continuous injection
*Batch injection
*Paraffin & asphaltene
*Flow assurance
*Diluent reduction

Root Cause

High asphaltene content in bitumen often causes problems right from the formation to the processing facility. Low API and/or poor quality oil with high viscosity results in increased operational costs.

Our Solution

Flotexx AMA is able to react with paraffin and asphaltene resulting in a composition change of the oil that reduces viscosity resulting in less energy required to produce bitumen. Flotexx AMA chemistry results in an irreversible improvement to the oil.

AMA creates solvents from reacting with the ashphaltene and long chain molecules. Reducing the long chain content solves more than just the viscosity problem; other advantages include reducing steam requirements, enabling better phase separation and eliminating problems at facilities. Flotexx AMA has the ability like no other product to change the composition of oil and permanently solve the problem.

Flotexx AMA is field proven to outperform conventional chemistry in a variety of continuous injection applications across North America.