Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry

Flotexx Montney

Flotexx AMA chemistry solves Montney paraffin problem, reducing cost of chemical by 67%

The field operator of this Montney formation liquids rich gas well, had problems with paraffin deposition in the tubulars and flow line. The incumbent chemical company was applying a crystal modifier package that was not winter stable, costly and it required treatment rates of 2500-5000ppm. He contacted Exaltexx to try the Flotexx AMA chemistry to resolve the problem.


  • Lowered treatment rate from 3000 to 1200ppm
  • Decreased chemical cost by 67%
  • Freeze stable chemistry eliminating need for heated tanks
  • Tubulars and flowline clean
  • Better oil/water separation
Montney Before and After Flotexx treatment