Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry

Calgary Lab Capabilities - October 2018


Four Fume Hoods

  • Stainless steel ducting for acid work on one
  • All have water and nitrogen supply
  • Dedicated extraction unit for ICP

Store room with four flammable storage cabinets

Three additional storage cabinets at rear

Explosion proof fridge freezer

Lab Interior
Physical Properties
  • Density
  • RVP
  • pH
  • Wax/Asphaltene Content
  • Melting Point
  • Freeze/Pour Point
  • BS&W
  • Flash Point (PMCC)
Blending & Mixing

Heidolph SilentCrusher

  • 5000-26000 RPM
  • Good for small scale mixing

Caframo Overhead Mixer

  • 20-6000 RPM
  • High Torque
  • Up to 25 L

Silverson L5M-A Mixer

  • Mixes up to 20 L
  • Up to 8000 RPM
  • Interchangeable heads
Mixing And Blending Machinery
Synthesis Equipment

Well equipped for organic synthesis and purification

BÜchi Rotary Evaporator

Kugelrohr Short Path Distillation Apparatus

  • Used to distil small amounts of compounds with high boiling points
  • Operates up to 300 ºC
Synthesis Equipment
Viscosity Testing

Fann 35

Chandler 5550

  • HTHP pressure viscometer
  • Hastelloywetted components
  • Dry carbon block heater
  • Max 2000 psi, 260 ºC
  • B1 and B5 bobs
  • Fully programmable
Viscosity Testing Equipment
Mud Testing

Hamilton Beach Mixers

4-Roller Oven

  • Variable speed control
  • Holds three 500 ML ageing cells
  • Max 232 ºC
  • Programmable Timer
  • Four 500 ML cells (max pressure 2000 psi)

HTHP Filter Press

10 ML Retort

  • For determining % oil water and solids
Mud Testing Equipment
Solvation Testing

Used for evaluation of CanSol products with supplied wax samples

Solvation Testing Results

SynSolH Testing

Acid Solubility

SynSol H Testing Results

Acid Testing

Acid Compatibility

  • Checking for emulsion/sludging issues
Corrosion Testing

Chandler CP360 Dynamic Corrosion Tester

  • Cells oscillate 180° to mix sample
  • Pressurised up to 6000 psi
  • Four cells can be independently heated to to 200°C
  • Liquid Sample volume –110 ML
  • All wetted components are Hastelloy
  • Typically run 4-6 hour tests

Coupon is placed in bottom half of cell (unsupported). A water pump (N2 powered) is used to pressurize the cell.

Note –Narrow cells only take coupons narrower that 21 mm

Analytical Method Results

Analytical Methods

Shimadzu GC-2014

  • Shimadzu GC-2014
  • Optimized for GC30
  • Can see up to ~C60+
  • 12 position auto sampler
  • Max oven temperature –400 ºC (350 ºC with current column)

Shimadzu ICPE-9000

  • Capable of detecting in the ppb range
  • Mini torch reduces Argon consumption
  • Organic torch for oil analysis
Water Treatment Machine
Water Testing


Specific Gravity


  • Sodium –Sum (anions) - sum (cations)
  • Potassium –Spectrometer
  • Calcium –Titration
  • Magnesium –Titration
  • Iron –Spectrometer
  • Manganese-Spectrometer
  • Barium –Spectrometer
  • Strontium -ICP


  • Chloride –Titration
  • Bicarbonate/Carbonate/Hyrdoxide–Titration
  • Sulphate–Spectrometer

Resistivity/Refractive Index

Corrosion Testing Equipment