Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry


Product Overview

Stimtexx AMA (Artificial Maturing Agent) is a new chemistry that has the unique ability to change the solvency and physical characteristics of crude oil and organic deposits through permanent transformation. Stimtexx AMA is a customized blend of the AMA platform, coupled with an optimum ratio of aliphatic and aromatic solvents that aid in the efficacy of the product to resolve organic deposition. Additional mutual solvents and dispersants enhance the capabilities of the product to penetrate the paraffin and asphaltene structures allowing the optimum product performance.

Stimtexx AMA is field proven at removing the organic deposition right from the wellbore through to the processing plant and enhances demulsification by reducing surface and interfacial tensions.

Physical Properties

Pour Point: < -40°C
Density (15°C): 0.84-0.85 kg/L
Flash Point: 33° C
Appearance: Clear, Amber
Odour: Sweet, Aromatic
Solubility: Poorly soluble in water

Performance Features

  • Freeze thaw stable
  • Effective on wide range of paraffins and asphaltenes
  • Compatible with virtually all production fluids


Stimtexx AMA may be applied in work-over operations to change the solvency and physical characteristics of the crude oil reducing or eliminating paraffin deposition. Volumes required are solely dependent on legacy deposit characteristics and paraffin content of the produced crude. The typical application range is 250-1000Lper/m of perforations for a formation stimulation, and 250-500L for a pump clean out. Longer shut-in times with a minimum 4 hour contact time are recommended.

Safety & Handling

This product may require special precautions in handling and/or use because of toxicity, flammability or other considerations. Avoid contact with strong oxidizers. For more information concerning the safety & handling of this product refer to the safety data sheets or contact Exaltexx.