Exaltexx Advanced Chemistry

Stimtexx Gilwood

Stimtexx AMA Increases Oil Production 2.75 m³/d

The field operator of this Gilwood formation light oil well realized his well had declining production. He suspected asphaltene deposition was impeding inflow. He decided to perform a stimulation to repair near wellbore damage and improve inflow performance.

On Feb 16th, 1m³ of Stimtexx AMA was pumped down the tubing past the pump and displaced into the reservoir with produced water. The well was shut in for 12 hours.

The job cost was $7,000, ROI was 9 days assuming $300/m³ netback.

Stimtexx AMA
Value Added
•2.75m3/d of increased oil production
•1.8 e3m3/d increased gas production
•80 days post oil production is stable at ~ 8m³/dequaling $55,000 post ROI profits